Builders Competition FAQ

1. Is there an entry fee?

No, and the teams are provided with lunch.

2. Do the teams have plans and construction drawings in advance of the competition?

Yes, these are distributed at a meeting held with team leaders prior to the event.

3. How is the competition run?

Teams are tasked with laying out and building, based on per-panel plans, all the wall sections of a 1200 square foot (approx.) standard-design Habitat for Humanity house thereby producing 'framing packages' for the Habitat affiliates being supported.

4. What happens to the framing packages after the competition?

The framing packages are loaded onto 53' truck trailers, moved to storage and later shipped to Habitat for Humanity affiliate programs regionally for 'Build-Out'.

5. What about tools?

Teams and their members bring and use their own tools and fasteners. Pneumatic tools welcome.

6. What about materials?

All framing materials are provided.

7. How quickly are the wall panels built?

The St. John's Hurricanes (Devon, PA), with 8 men, completed their work in 3 hours and 25 minutes. Note that competition timing has a maximum limit of 6 hours, and that all teams need to be 'project capable'.

8. Are there any other team requirements?

No, however teams are encouraged to raise support money and also to consider being a 'Build-Out' team at a latter date to help raise the framing package on a Habitat for Humanity building site.

For other questions or event info please contact us.

To date, the Builders Competition has participated in over 51 Habitat for Humanity home building efforts by providing framing packages, Build-Out teams, construction material, and cash contributions. Our Build-Out teams have helped Habitat raise 15 homes from framing packages produced at the competition.